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The eighth international hotel catering industry expo will be held in Beijing in June

Date: 2018-05-06

As the flowers of the 2022 winter Olympics in Beijing, the future China will have more and more overseas tourists.Data show that by 2022, China could overtake France as the world's most popular tourist source countries.Changing the capital and the hospitality industry and tourism development foreground is very optimistic, especially the tourism industry will be rapid development.Hotel restaurant revenue increase, green, organic, safety is becoming a hot spot consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection become a development trend.According to statistics, in 2017 the Beijing catering income for the first time billions of mark, achieve 102.88 billion yuan, up 7.7% from a year earlier, the growth of record in the past five years.During a period of Beijing in the future will continue to develop the catering industry, encourage domestic and foreign famous catering brands in Beijing, catering elite at home and abroad, the Windows of the building of Chinese cuisine, the world food.Beijing will be the construction of world city with Chinese characteristics, building international trade center.We have learned, approved by the Beijing municipal commission of commerce, by the Beijing municipal food industry association, Beijing hosted henghui international exhibition co., LTD. "Beijing international hotel supplies and food and beverage industry exposition" hold in Beijing in June each year, is the largest in north of China, the most influential hotel catering industry shows the communication event.Hosting of the expo, will be for Beijing and surrounding areas of tourism, hotel and catering industry development play an important role in the transformation.Beijing international hotel and restaurant industry expo sets product exhibition, conference BBS, purchasing communication at an organic whole, hotel catering industry is important for purchasing and exchange of information integration platform.BBS held beijing-tianjin-hebei hotel catering industry development, improving quality in the hotel industry summit, Beijing commercial kitchen utensils and appliances association set up third anniversary celebration and other series of activities.According to organizers, said an official with the vigorous development of the tourist accommodation industry and catering industry momentum led to a vast and hotel supplies market full of business opportunities.With the specter of China's market, the hotel supplies industry attracted a large number of enterprises, a new round of core competitiveness gradually focused on brand competitiveness with the management idea of low carbon environmental protection.Brand construction and green low carbon is hotel supplies company's new focus in the future.Beijing international hotel and restaurant industry expo hotel supplies industry as an important communication platform, will continue, for upgrading the hotel supplies industry chain, the enterprise transformation.Eighth session of Beijing international hotel supplies and food and beverage industry expo will be on June 21 to 23, 2018 in China international exhibition center (jing zhuang guan), is expected to a total of 40 countries and regions in the world of 1100 companies, more than 70000 professional audiences to visit to China and Asia region exchange, exhibition area of 55000 square meters.